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Warehousing and Distribution Technology

Patterson Warehouses has always understood the critical role that technology plays in any supply chain operation and that computer automation is a vital cog in the successful mission of any contract warehouse or distribution center.  Patterson utilizes a suite of WMS software designed specifically for use by multi-client, multi-warehouse logistics providers which means the flexibility and scalability exists to fine-tune the processes of each individual customer. Software modules and system functionality are activated as required to ensure every distribution account operates as accurately and efficiently as possible.


System Features & Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Warehouse Management System
  • Full case or mixed case (pick-pack) order fulfillment
  • Bar-code scanning controls
  • Radio Frequency (RF) and mobile device interfaces
  • Standard Edi or custom file mapping capabilities
  • Network Mailbox, Ftp, AS2, or middleware file transfer links
  • Carton content and pallet content labeling
  • ASN processing and generation
  • UCC-128 and customer compliant shipping labels
  • RFID label system
  • Web-based inventory and order tracking
  • FedEx/UPS/USPS manifest system links
  • Physical inventory and cycle count automation
  • In-house staff for WMS, EDI, and network support
  • Real-time data replication for enhanced disaster recovery